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Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Balance board
Product image 1Balance board
Product image 2Balance board
Product image 3Balance board
Product image 4Balance board
Product image 5Balance board
Product image 6Balance board
Product image 7Balance board
Product image 8Balance board
Product image 9Balance board
Product image 10Balance board
Product image 11Balance board
Product image 12Balance board
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Product image 15Balance board

Balance board

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Wood balance board or curvy balance board is amazing Montessori toy, Waldorf toy and birthday gift for any child. It is suitable for baby from 6 months and for all older children, even adult can use it. Wooden wobble board can hold up to 150 kg | 330 lb.

Child will love wooden board and use to develop their equilibrium as slide, car track, table etc. Curvy board or wooden balance board is built from high quality birch wood (Birch plywood veneered with oak.). Board is treated with beeswax and is made from natural materials. We recommend to use it on the carpet.

In one moment, it will be used as balance board but in next moment your child will flip it over and use as toy car ramp or as swing set. There are many ways how you and your family can use this balance board. It is high quality and sturdy product. Develop your balance and have fun with it.

"This balance board is the best- best quality and value! We gave it to my son for his 3rd birthday and our whole family (including myself) is on it all the time. It’s so much fun and very versatile. The kids balance on it, turn it into a slide, a car ramp, and marble ramp, and many other things!
The shop owner is super nice and helpful too! My first shipment got lost and she promptly replaced the board and had it rushed to us in time for his birthday! Would buy from her again any time!"

Etsy review from Wisconsin, United States


Width - 33cm - 12.99''
Length - 102cm - 40.15''
Thickness - 1.8cm - 0.70''


Production time is 1-3 days. We ship with TNT/ FedEx and shipping usually takes 1-2 weeks.

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European Union and UK FREE shipping
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4) Weaning table and chair
5) House beds

Created for your child

"Sweet Home From Wood" grew from what we created for our children, so you can be sure it is safe, durable, and easy to use.

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