• Family owned and run

    We’re a team at home and at work, building tools our own children enjoy.

  • From Northern Europe

    We take pride in still manufacturing all our products in our home country.

  • Exceptional support

    We know how important great support is when shopping for your child.

  • Developing

    Learning new skills can be fun. Our furniture encourages children to be independent.

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Family with a girl standing on a toddler step stool and cooking.

From our family to yours

For the past 8 years, we've been on an incredible journey alongside our three kids, creating a furniture brand specifically for families like ours. It started with a whimsical bed for our firstborn, inspired by loved ones' admiration. Now, we offer kitchen towers, climbers, table sets, and our new play mattress set. Quality, safety, and exceptional service drive us. Join us and see how our story unfolds. Welcome to our store.

A child playing with a wooden table and chairs.

Rooting for your child’s independence

We designed our products to help our own children be more independent. We saw how encouraged they felt being able to finally reach our countertop and help with cooking. Our kitchen towers will help your little sous chef to explore the culinary arts, allowing them to reach new heights of independence and creativity as well. With climbers that inspire boundless adventure, your child can embark on thrilling expeditions within the safety of their own play area.

A little girl is playing with a wooden toy in her room.

Learning new skills can be fun and exciting

Our furniture is based on the Montessori approach, that promotes your child’s natural development. We believe that by providing children with furniture that suits their developmental needs and abilities, they can learn essential life skills and thrive in a prepared environment that supports their growth and exploration.

A little girl playing with a wooden toy on the floor.

The best materials for your child

Crafted from the finest European wood (either pine or birch) and painted with non-toxic water-based paint, we prioritize both a healthy mind and a healthy body. Our production embodies this ideology, ensuring your child's well-being. We follow and manage each stage of the production in our factory in Latvia, our home in Northern Europe.

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