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2-in-1 kids' bed with a horizontal rail headboard and footboard

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Color - Non-painted PINE wood
  • Horizontal rail headboard and footboard
  • Perfect for kids ages 2 - 18 years
  • Hand made in Northern Europe
  • World wide delivery
  • Etsy star seller with 7,000+ product reviews and 50,000+ items sold

Size and specification

Please select your desired bed size, specifying the intended mattress size, when placing your order. Kindly note that the mattress is not included with the bed.

For the US and Canada

  • US Crib 52x27 1/2''. Outer frame 54.7x30.7''
  • US Twin 75x39''. Outer frame 77.6x42.1''
  • US Twin XL 80x39’’. Outer frame 82.3x42.1"
  • US Full 75x54''. Outer frame 77.6x57.1''
  • US Queen 80x60" / 203x153cm. Outer frame 82.3x63.4’’ / 209x161cm

UK and EU (depends on each country's mattress standards, so please check before ordering)

  • 140x70cm. Outer frame 146x78cm
  • 140x90cm Outer frame 146x98cm
  • 160x70cm. Outer frame 168x78cm
  • 190x90cm (Single size). Outer frame 196x98cm
  • 200x90cm. Outer frame 206x98cm
  • 190x120cm (UK Small Double). Outer frame 196x128cm
  • 190x135cm (UK Double). Outer frame 196x143cm
  • 200x120cm. Outer frame 206x128cm
  • 200x140cm. Outer frame 206x148cm
  • 200x150cm. Outer frame 206x158cm


  • AU Single 188x92cm. Outer frame 194x100cm
  • AU King Single 203x106cm. Outer frame 209x114cm
  • AU Double 187x137cm. Outer frame 195x145cm
  • AU Queen 203x153cm. Outer frame 209x161cm

  • Total bed height: Floor level 17.13” / 43.5cm | Bed on legs 25” / 63.5cm
  • Rail height: 14.6” / 37cm
  • Leg height (when used as a bed on legs): 7.9” / 20cm

Delivery info

Shipping takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the end recipient's location. Keep in mind that shipping companies may have delays closer to major holidays, like Christmas.

We do offer free shipping to most of the EU countries and for some products to the USA and Canada.

US, Canada: 2-14 days
European Union and UK: 2-10 days
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong: 2-14 days
Rest of the world: 5-14 days

Production time: 5 - 10 business days

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Product details


If you're searching for a bed that can grow with your child, look no further. This bed's 2-in-1 design allows it to be a floor-level bed at first and then convert into a more traditional child's bed on solid wood legs. It features a horizontal rail headboard and footboard and is the long-lasting staple your child's room needs.


The bed frame is made from solid birch or pine wood, covered with beeswax or colored with water-based paint (pine). The slats, known for their elasticity, are expertly crafted from high-quality birch plywood.

Weight capacity

330lb / 150kg. Holds the weight of a child and parent. Great for co-sleeping.


The weight of the bed varies based on the size you choose

What's included

Product, fasteners, all required tools, and assembling instructions


Registered Community Design (RCD) 015022248-0002, 015022248-0001.

Created with your child’s development in mind

From our family to yours

A child's room with a bed, clothes and toys.
A child's room with teddy bears and a bed.
A child's room with a Sweet Home From Wood 2-in-1 kids' bed with a horizontal rail headboard and footboard that is long-lasting and grows with the child, surrounded by teddy bears.

Montessori children's bed benefits

  • Sense of ownership: Montessori beds encourage children to take ownership of their sleeping space, fostering a sense of responsibility for their environment.
  • Social interaction: Low beds create an inviting space for parents or caregivers to sit with children during bedtime stories or bonding moments.
  • Gradual independence: The design of Montessori beds helps children transition gradually from crib to bed, as they can practice getting in and out independently with confidence.
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns: Children can establish healthy sleep patterns and routines by being in control of their bedtime routine and sleep environment.
  • Exploration: The open design of Montessori beds can be an excellent space for children to explore and learn about their surroundings.
  • Adaptability: The simplicity of Montessori beds allows for adaptation as a child grows. They can be used from toddler years through childhood.
  • Healthy sleep habits: Montessori beds promote a conducive sleep environment, potentially leading to better sleep quality and habits for children.
  • Peaceful transition: Montessori beds create a peaceful and non-restrictive transition from crib to bed, easing any anxiety about the change.
A group of wood pieces on a table.

Materials and production

We use solid pine and birch wood for our beds and other furniture. Pine is a slightly softer wood while birch is a heavier, stronger wood; from a visual perspective, it is lighter in color and with a less noticeable wood grain. Our birch beds are coated in beeswax and left unpainted. Painted beds are made from pine wood and then painted with ecological water-based VOC-free children's furniture paint.

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For the past 8 years, we've been on an incredible journey alongside our three kids, creating a furniture brand specifically for families like ours. We're thrilled to have you here on our store and want to let you know that we’re always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

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